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A note from our Principal,

After being in service for 15 years, I quit teaching in Primary School in 2006 as it was difficult to juggle home and a full-time career. Feeling the need to keep my mind active, I started tutoring at home, then at Mind Stretcher and finally in December 2009, Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre was born!

Together with another teacher, we helmed the primary subjects of English, Mathematics and Science.

In 2014 another opportunity arose. The Le Shepherd Education Centre where I sent my two older teens ended its lease. I asked the teachers there, Ms Weimin Lim, Mr Gary Kuah and Mr Kenneth Chan to join me in teaching the secondary subjects of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics. Ms Xiaohui, who had also been my children’s tutor at Forever Education Centre, joined us in 2017 to teach both primary and secondary Chinese when the centre closed as well.


In 2019, when the unit beside ours vacated, we started Fun-da-LAB! Having focused on academic subjects for the past 10 years, we felt it was time to provide our students with enrichment activities. Fun-da-LAB became a space for science activities and experiments, to collaborate with others during holiday workshops and to run curated programmes on a modular basis. While the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted our plans, we resumed these exciting programmes once we were able to!    


Having grown organically, we hope to continue educating students who walk through our doors - inculcating them with knowledge, our love for learning and zest for life!


Jeannette Koh

Principal & Founder

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