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How we approach teaching students at the secondary school level

The importance of content knowledge

Content knowledge is an important medium through which cognitive skills like critical thinking, synthesis and analysis are taught.

This is so whether it is taught through the Language Arts, Mathematics or the Sciences.

We make learning engaging

By introducing knowledge and concepts in a relevant and engaging manner, we aim to spark interest and curiosity in our students.

In addition, we also aim to develop positive attitudes to learning, build character and help students realize that consistent work will eventually reap returns.

Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre

Established in 2009, Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre has been a trusted learning partner for both parents and their children. We inspire inquisitive minds with our Primary, Secondary and Junior College academic programmes.

Call +65 98472637 for more information and make an appointment for a trial course today!


Fun-da-LAB is the Science enrichment branch of Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre.

With our one-of-a-kind laboratory and specially curated science enrichment programmes, we seek to nurture the scientist in every child through experiments and more-than-hands-on activities!

Call +65 98472637 to sign up for our upcoming programmes!

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