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How we approach teaching students at the primary school level

The importance of content mastery

At this level, content knowledge is taught within the various subjects as a firm foundation on which new knowledge is built.

Hence, mastery of content especially of Mathematics and Science is emphasized. The learning of language then becomes necessary as it is the vehicle through which the content is delivered. 

Methodology and approach

Our teaching methodology is structured around Bloom’s Taxonomy of Learning. ​

When students come to us, we diagnose their weak areas within a session or two. Then we fill in their knowledge gaps, working from the most basic level of knowledge retention all the way to application and mastery of concepts within each topic.

To achieve this, our approach is highly structured and the teaching of skills is explicit and direct. We also teach with videos, manipulatives, activities and hands-on experiments, and use practice papers for review as it has been proven that a multisensory approach is best for engaging the whole mind.

Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre

Established in 2009, Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre has been a trusted learning partner for both parents and their children. We inspire inquisitive minds with our Primary, Secondary and Junior College academic programmes.

Call +65 98472637 for more information and make an appointment for a trial course today!


Fun-da-LAB is the Science enrichment branch of Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre.

With our one-of-a-kind laboratory and specially curated science enrichment programmes, we seek to nurture the scientist in every child through experiments and more-than-hands-on activities!

Call +65 98472637 to sign up for our upcoming programmes!

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