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THE question to ask when signing your child up for tuition

Is your child really “learning” in the centre that you’ve placed them in?

As parents, we scramble to enrol our children in a tuition centre the minute they cannot clear a test or exam in school. The fear and anxiety is palpable - as a parent myself, I get it. We want to prop our child up and give them the support to not only do well in school but (dare I say) surpass their classmates with flying colours!

But once they are enrolled in a learning centre, how do we know if our child has actually “learnt” the material and is able to understand and apply the new information? Simple - wait for the next test of course! Only to be disappointed again when they score the same mark; or worse, get an even lower score because they struggle with new material added to the question mix!

Can we really measure learning by the amount of homework assigned?

We compare the amount of worksheets and materials given during tuition classes as evidence of getting our money’s worth.

But as the saying goes, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!’

While worksheet practice may be good for those who need to master concepts at the basic or intermediate level, having too many makes these worksheets repetitive “time-fillers”. Children are made “busy” without actually being challenged mentally.

The question parents should be asking

Before signing your child up for more tuition classes, ask yourselves:

"What skills does the centre teach to help my child cope with the sheer volume of content from all the different subjects that he has to take on in school?"

Wouldn’t it be more cost effective if students could be taught a variety of skills that could carry them from the primary to secondary, and all the way to the tertiary levels?

Shouldn’t students be taught how to learn instead of what to learn?

Stay tuned for our next post where we share insights into how our educators at Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre approach teaching and learning!

Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre

Established in 2009, Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre has been a trusted learning partner for both parents and their children. We inspire inquisitive minds with our Primary, Secondary and Junior College academic programmes.

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Fun-da-LAB is the Science enrichment branch of Fun-da-mentals Learning Centre.

With our one-of-a-kind laboratory and specially curated science enrichment programmes, we seek to nurture the scientist in every child through experiments and more-than-hands-on activities!

Call +65 98472637 to sign up for our upcoming programmes!

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